Happy to finally share the work I helped create for Battlefield 2042.

I was responsible for the key art animations; transforming the key art into animated, moving pieces and set them up for making many different formats in Standard, Gold and Ultimate editions. Most of my work was made in After Effects and some 3D/FX in Houdini. Using video clips from Getty Images and continuing on heat signature animation work from The Mill and Bond. In the Ultimate edition I rendered the whole thing through a glass lens with refraction maps of raindrops from Travis Davids.

Art Direction: Nuno Coelho
Production: Ana Dima
Photography & Lighting/Key Art: Kirsti Anna Urpa, BOND agency

Huge thanks to the rest of my lovely EA & DICE family involved in this project: Magdalena Katańska, Magnus Leijonhielm, Madalina Ungureanu, André Söderlund and the entire team!

You can check this project out on Artstation here

For comparison, this was the Key Art our awesome team made,
before turning them into animations: