Health has been a big part of my life for 10 years now and my part time job, figured it was time to share my knowledge and conclusion here on my site. Creative people might want to know how to have a 6-pack year around too, how to have mental clarity and live longer, stay away from chronic disease.

I made a blog post, unfortunality behind a paywall at Diet Doctor, so far.
If you try a free membership, you can read it here:

Will later copy and paste over here.


To stay lean year around, I keep my macros approximately like this: 

200 grams of protein or more per day.
100 grams of carbs per day or less.
100 grams of fat per day or less.


Your food is not only your energy, but the building blocks for your future self.
I use a free tool called to make sure I get 100% of Daily Recommended Nutrition from whole foods every day.


Many know that exercise and diet can fix your health.
Few know that your breathing can have a big impact too!

I do the Wim Hof Method every morning and a cold shower.
About 10 minutes of hyper ventilation and breath holds, which starts pumping adrenaline and gets your immune system going.

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